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Smitty, a local Seattleite, crafted her bloody mary mix recipe through her experience as a fourth generation pickler. Peppery with a hot & spicy kick this mix has been combined with our brine & fresh whole seasonings to create a great craft cocktail.


Smitty likes her Bloody Mary with 3 parts 'Mary Mix/1 part vodka/garnished with a Seattle Pickle Co. Dill Pickle. She also recommends the drink without the alcohol as a great refreshing break from life



Smitty’s Mary Mix


...With all this brine around, the next logical step is, of course, to team up with local Seattleite, Smitty, to create what is quite literally one of the best bloody mary mixes that I have had to date. Basically, just think McLure’s but more balanced and, well, way better. A bright acidity mixes with a biting heat to send your taste buds on a bloody mary roller coaster ride filled with salty, peppery flavor explosion. Fresh whole seasonings offer major complexity, and a lighter bodied tomato juice allow everything to meld with perfection.

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