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Locally processed and hand packed for quality & freshness. This pickle will remind you of those days when you can smell the sweet salty-brinyness of the Pacific Ocean in the Puget Sound. The fresh crunch will bring you back to the to shore & rich farmland in the surrounding region. We combine & brine only premium ingredients to give you a truly unique Pacific Northwest flavor and experience. Enjoy!

We have spiced things up "just a notch" by Combining and Brining fresh habanero with our trusty dill pickle recipe. 


Still locally processed and hand packed for quality and freshness, this is the perfect pickle for our long, warm summer days and nights in the Pacific Northwest

Our trusty Dill Pickle has now been Combined, Brined &           "Relish-ized". Locally processed using the freshest ingredients this Dill Relish comcentrates all the great flavors of our pickle.


Try adding our relish to burgers, dogs, potato salad and just about anything you can get your hands on!


"The pickles are DELICIOUS!"



"The pickles are great! We will be back!!"



"Glad you were in business on this "rainy" afternoon... Your delicious product will make my family member very happy!"



"Our family favorite is the Habanero pickle. The heat sneaks in subtly toward the end giving you a hint of warmth that makes you want more."

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